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Learning and Work Connections

Learning and Work Connections is EGSA’s social economy venture.  Our aim is to bring over 40 years experience of providing adult educational and career guidance to the workplace; to help create a flexible, more productive workforce for a changing economy.

Our main focus is on working with front-line or manual staff – typically those with few or no qualifications who may not normally fully engage in and benefit from workplace learning and development opportunities.

Your Business

  • Do some staff find it difficult getting to grips with new technology or adapting to new working practices?
  • Are some of your employees reluctant to engage in training and development?
  • Are poor literacy and numeracy skills impacting on productivity or customer service?
  • Are staff reluctant to take on new responsibilities?

Our Support

We provide a range of short programmes for employees and their managers to support a whole organisational approach to learning and development supported by an effective performance management and appraisal process.

Our work to date has demonstrated that providing opportunties for this group of employees and engaging them in learning has significant outcomes in terms of not only reducing sick absence and turnover but in creating a flexible, committed and ultimately more productive workforce.

We can provide a range of solutions to maximize the potential of your workforce.


  • Improved productivity through enhanced skills
  • A committed rather than compliant workforce
  • A flexible workforce for a changing economy
  • Maximised return on investment in training
  • “Grow Your Own” – progress and retain key staff
  • Reduced sick absence and staff turnover
  • Supports an Investors in People approach

Find out more

For a free initial consultation, contact:

Ann Osborne, Head of Business Development

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