What is eQSF?

eQSF is a new Quality Standards Framework for ICT in Learning.  The easy-to-use self-assessment tool allows training and education providers to review and improve their practice in using information technology in training and education.  The framework consists of 13 interrelated standards that describe effective education provision using ICT.

eQSF is the result of collaboration between 6 European partners in a project funded under the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme:

eQSF was launched in December 2010 at a European conference in Dublin.  The conference was opened by Minister Sean Haughey, TD, Minister of State at the Department for Education and Skills.

Key Benefits

  • Assures quality in the use of ICT and delivery of learning
  • Offers a straightforward process for identifying your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in using ICT in learning
  • Sets out a clear pathway for improvement and self development
  • Creates an ICT focused learning environment where technologies are explored to enhance the learning experience
  • Ensures more effective education and knowledge acquisition through the use of ICT

Find Out More

Visit the eQSF website to view the range of tools and information materials that will support you through the self-assessment process.

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